Weber USA Barbecue Accessories

This executive fully metal cast BBQ lighter is the 1st in the collection of 3 lighters, ranging from entry level to mid prize and high end. All the lighters have been designed according to the current accessories collection, such as the pepper and salt grinders.

Weber USA BBQ Lighter Mid

This mid end red rubberized BBQ lighter is the 2nd in the collection of 3 lighters, ranging from entry level to mid prize and high end.This lighter features a flexible tube, especially made for the lighting of the bigger BBQ’s that Weber has in its assortment.

This entry level BBQ lighter is the last in the collection of 3 lighters, fully rubberized for steady grip with dirty fingers. The whole body is made out of two co-moulded rubber pieces that ensure a proper resistance against dirt and fluids.

Weber USA BBQ Accessories

As the first collection has been a huge success, in particular in the Nordic countries, a second range has been developed, now with a singe design style in various executions: a smal entry level, a bigger, full cast metal and a small creme brûlée burner.

Weber USA BBQ Accessories

The big multipurpose Lighter has been executed in a very distinctive sand cast metal finish, resembling the industrial nature of the original BBQ’s and giving it a strong connection in look and feel.

Weber USA BBQ Accessories

Next to the two ranges a single lighter has been developed, positioned underneath the ranges specifically to be sold countertop. So next to the lighter itself also countertop POS materials have been fully developed.

Part of the initial presentation, with some render images inside kitchens.