Pegasus torch

This torch features a redesign for a plastic emergency torch, now executed as a premium model in full aluminium. The total design has been overhauled to change the item to a s leek minimal and more useable torch.

In 2015 this design has been awarded an IF Design Award as well as a 2015 RED Dot Design Award.

This torch features a blinking side light, which can be used in combination with the magnetic front, to be attached to the car. Either on top of the car for exposure or on the side to accommodate changing a tire for instance without having to hold the torch. Hidden in the back you find an emergency seatbelt cutter as well as a window breaker

Marksman Exos Windowbreaker

This emergency breaker can be put with force to the glass of the car.Contrary to other emergency breakers this one has a protection over the metal point, which automatically will reveil the metal point when the time is pushed to the glass. In this way the item isn’t sharp when it does not need to and is sharp when it is needed.

Marksman Exos Windowbreaker

As is shown the metal point will show when the item is pushed against the glass window, breaking the glass.The front of the item is covered with a rubber part to not damage anything when not in use.

Marksman Cobalt Pocketknife

This pocket knife features a very unique design style, as well as an important added ring to get better grip. The inner ring is made of brass for self lubrication.. The handle is made of black micarta, whereas the blade which has a special shape and increased thickness for heavy duty, is executed in full matte black.