Porsche Design Lighter Project

On request of the Dutch Licenceholder for smoke accessories and the producer of the famous iconic Porsche pipe ( Koninklijke Gubbels en Zonen BV, Netherlands ), a range of lighters was designed. Each lighter has specific interesting design details such as invisible hinges, protecting bridges over the adjuster and a special external flint wheel.

the main challenge was here to put new innovative techniques in a lighter, an item that exist already for years, and at the same time renew the collection with that particular Porsche Design image.

P3640 Lighter

This aluminium body lighter features an special flint wheel on top of the lighter, whereas the gas button is located on the side. By grabbing the item sideways and rotating the flint wheel with the thumb the lighter can be ignited.

P3660 Lighter

The P3660 Lighter has a side button, and a hinged design. Secondly this lighter has a diagonal bridge over the refilling mechanism. By placing the refill on the corner refilling has been made more easy, whereas the bridge is derived from the latest watch design.

P3690 Lighter

This lighter is fitted with an invisible hinge. As opposed to the standard hinge, which is always visible, when closed this hinge is totally invisible, leaving nothing but a nice solid block

All items feature a nice packaging and warrantee card, all in the same design style