Explorer Ballpoint

After a successful introduction of a new line of Marksman Pens, this second ballpoint design lines features the start of a whole desktop accessories collection. Aluminium, matte acrylic and rubberize surfaces form the main characteristics. In 2014, these pens have been awarded with the IF Award, the Red Dot Design Award as well as being nominated for the German Design Preis for its design quality.

The pens come in various colour executions such as this blue anodized aluminium version.

On the succesfull design a whole desktop collection has been developed.

CARVE Ballpoint Collection

The starting point of this ballpoint design was simplicity, and the objective to accommodate various writing techniques for customer decoration. Being completely round with a fully integrated clip, this pen fits full round screen printing, still with a minimal, yet accessible design. in 2014 this pen has been awarded with both the IF and the Red Dot Design Award

1st year, 3 main colours were introduced, in the following years, more colours and finishes, such as metallics were added to the collection

Trigon Ballpoint

One of the first designs for the Marksman relaunch, this pen uses the Marksman branding underneath the clip, therefore still maintaining its own branding, yet keeping all space available for the logo of the customer. This special feature has been awarded with a Red Dot Design Honourable Mention in 2013.

Pierre Balmain Ballpoint

Under the license of Pierre Balmain, the well known French fashion house, this sterling silver pen collection has been developed, in a limited edition. Classic and fluid lines give this pen a timeless appearance yet has plenty of character.

Pierre Balmain Fountain Pen

Next to a ballpoint and a rollerball a fountain pen have been designed.


The SUNRISE Ballpoint, aimed to penetrate the cheap pen market in 2004. With a solid, modern design, and numerous colour combinations, this pen has been a huge success. From start to finish ( 2005-2012 )over 75 million pieces were sold, in a highly competitive market.


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