Kitchen knife collection

5-piece kitchen knife collection

The object here was to design a full kitchen range for a male audience . Therefore materials such as black rubber and matte metal detailing are being used. Specific challenges of knife design are handling, body weight and the solid connecting of various materials into one part.

The full range consists of:

1. 8-inch Chef’s Knife

2. 10-inch Bread Knife Knife

3. 4,5 inch serrated knife

4. 4 inch Fruit Knife

5. whetstone.

Additionally the chef’s knife also is being sold with a solid bamboo chopping block

Sold in second stage a 4-piece steak knife set.

The block which has a partially magnetic area to stick the knives onto, also comes with a cutout and a removable stand. With this stand the chopping block can be used as a knife stand as well as a cookbook, or iPad holder, to read your favourite recipe. Minimal yet with quite some features.

All items come in a distinctive matte black Marksman Gift box