Traveldock for Ipad or Iphone

This travel dock has a variety of features. For the iPod Classis the orientation mostly will be portrait, but for the iPhone, both portrait and landscape mode can be used pending the app. This dock is able to accommodate both options, simply by rotating the device. When closed the iDevice can be packed within the speaker.

On the back the stand can be rotated as well to fit bot landscape and portrait mode

On travel, the iDevice can be packed inside the speaker, saving a bit of space.

Triple Magnetic Weatherstation

Sold as a set, but configurable to your own wishes, this weather station consists of 3 units, a clock, a thermometer and a hygrometer. The sides of the three units have hidden magnets that make the units click to each other, in a row or as a triangle.

Setup as a row

Marksman Radar Powerpoint Presenter

This presenter can be connected with your PC ?mac and it will be able to browse through your powerpoint presentation. When presenting, you do not need to walk to your computer, but simply press the buttons on the presenter to do your presentation. Secondly this item comes equipped with a laserpointer.

Marksman Radar Powerpoint Presenter

Infra red connector with rollup for your cable