Desktop Collection


This tilted penholder can hold & charge your phone. The tilted position can be used to point your pen towards you, or, when preferred, tilt backwards to provide a better viewing angle for your phone when charging. All item in this collection have the same tilted angle, for a better phone display. Secondly in the middle is the imprint space for a customer logo.

The full range consists of:

1. Phoneholder & Charger

2. Deskclock

3. Stapless stapler

4. Tapedispenser

5. Bluetooth Speaker

6. Ipad holder and desktop stand

Desktop Clock

This desktop clock features as a phone stand as well as a cable organizer, with cable space accommodated in the bottom of the item. So, no cable mess, and organizer and phone stand have a very nice 3rd function as a clock. The rubber edge on the top of the clock makes sure you you do not damage your phone when putting it down.



Each item in this collection can be used a phone stand, besides that they also have another desktop organizing function. In this case we have a tape dispenser

Bluetooth Speaker

This phone stand is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker. Connect with your phone and use a display stand. Off course your phone can still be in your pocket. The big aluminium ring in the middle of the speaker is used to adjust the volume.